The People's Cinema

Single-channel video with sound, 2:54 minutes


The People’s Cinema is a simple open-air construction built to screen a series of short video excerpts.  From the side, this outdoor cinema looks like a long strip of paper folded in on itself.  The form wraps and bends to create bleacher-like seating continuously connected to a standing screen; the whole construction is a single bent plane of material.  The work examines the intersection and relationship between cinema and contemporary art.  Exploring a few essential elements of cinema relating to the artist’s practice, The People’s Cinema circumnavigates certain cinematic moments that occupy our psyche and our viscera.  These moments relate to elements of the ever-present moment, the eternal return or endless repetition, and a particular thing-ness made manifest through moving pictures.  The exhibition itself glides in and out of these thematic elements, formulating contingencies of perception, desire, memory and the dream-work of the everyday.